Republic Bank/AAdvantage MasterCard & AAdvantage Business Executive Mastercard FAQ

Do I need to have an AAdvantage® Miles Rewards card to obtain a Republic Bank / AAdvantage MasterCard?

No. An AAdvantage account number will be assigned within a few weeks of opening the credit card account. If you are already an AAdvantage member, simply fill in your account number on the credit card application form.

Is there a cap on the number of AAdvantage miles I can earn?

You can earn up to 200,000 AAdvantage miles in a calendar year with your AAdvantage Mastercard credit card, while purchases made on your AAdvantage Business Executive Mastercard credit card can earn you up to 150,000 AAdvantage miles in a calendar year.  

Can AAdvantage Miles be earned on cash advances?

No. Miles are not awarded for cash advances, service charges, fees, interest charges, or Convenience Cheques.

How can I earn Miles faster?

  • By using your Republic Bank / AAdvantage MasterCard® card for all purchases
  • By flying with American Airlines or any one of its 30 airline partners
  • By presenting your AAdvantage Miles Reward card to any participating AAdvantage member and paying for your purchase with your Republic Bank / AAdvantage MasterCard credit card

How are Miles calculated for retail purchases?

The total amount of all retail purchases listed on your monthly statement is used to calculate the number of AAdvantage Miles credited to your account; you earn one AAdvantage Mile for every U.S. dollar (or equivalent) spent.

How do I keep track of my AAdvantage Miles?

AAdvantage provides customer statements on a regular basis, detailing all AAdvantage Miles earned during that period. AAdvantage Miles, including purchases and Bonus Miles, will be posted to your account approximately 8-10 weeks after the original transaction date. You can also call AAdvantage (817) 799-2500, or visit

Please note: Miles earned using the Republic Bank / AAdvantage MasterCard card are issued only once per month and will appear on your AAdvantage statement the following month. Therefore, AAdvantage miles earned between the first and last day of the calendar month are sent to AAdvantage at the end of the cycle and will appear on your next AAdvantage statement.

What if I have questions about the AAdvantage Programme?

Enquiries concerning the AAdvantage Programme should be directed to AAdvantage (817) 799-2500. Enquiries concerning Republic Bank / AAdvantage MasterCard should be handled at your local branch.

If I have more than one AAdvantage account, can I transfer the Miles balances to just one?

You can only transfer the Miles balance if the name and address on both accounts are the same and there are no more than 50,000 eligible rewards Miles in the account that will no longer be used. Please contact AAdvantage (817) 799-2500 for more information.

Applying for your Republic Bank / AAdvantage MasterCard credit card is easy.  Contact us for more information about this product (including rates and fees), and the benefits of transferring your existing credit card balance(s) to Republic Bank.

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