Republic Bank Debit Card FAQs

  • Will my debit card account number change?
    Debit card numbers will remain the same until advised otherwise.
  • How long will my debit card be valid?
    Your debit card will be valid for 3 years until further notice.
  • Will there be any new fees?
    No, all existing fees remain the same until further notice.
  • Will there be a change to the features and benefits of my existing debit card?
    No, you will continue to enjoy the same benefits as your previous card.
  • When will I receive my Republic Bank debit card?
    • Effective November 30, 2020 all cardholders whose debit cards are lost, stolen or otherwise replaced will be issued a Republic Bank branded debit card.
    • Cardholders whose debit cards are due for renewal in January 2021 and onwards will receive Republic Bank branded debit cards upon renewal.
  • If my card is not up for renewal or being replaced, can I still use my Scotiabank debit card?
    Your Scotiabank branded debit card is valid for use at merchants who accept Visa locally and internationally until expiration or otherwise advised.
  • Can I continue to call the Scotiabank Contact Centre for assistance?
    Yes, the phone numbers at the back of the card remain operational and can be contacted for assistance.
  • Will I be able to access my debit card account on Internet Banking?
    You can continue to access your account on the existing Internet Banking platform until informed otherwise.