CAD & GBP Regular Savings Account


  • Save Money on Fees : Don't pay a monthly fee is your balance remains above USD 500.

  • Peace of Mind: Don't worry about fluctuating exchange rates. Keep your US funds in US Dollars.

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Additional Information

  • Addditional Features
    • A $3 fee will be applied if your balance falls below $500 over the course of the month
    • Keep your savings in CAD or GBPs
    • Monthly statements available (electronic or paper statements)
    • Mobile Banking app available for iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • How to apply

    To Apply for a Republic Bank account, you’ll need visit your local Republic Bank branch and bring the following items with you:

    1. One valid primary piece of government-issued identification, with photograph and signature, such as:

    • Passport
    • National ID or voter's card
    • Driver's License
    • Military ID card
    • Permanent resident card


    2. One secondary piece of identification. The following kinds are valid:

    • An additional primary piece of identification
    • Birth certificate, credit card, debit card, tax ID card
    • Employee ID or letter from your employer


    3. Proof of address, such as:

    • Utility bill
    • Bank account statement
    • Copy of lease or letter from landlord


    If you are a non-resident customer, a reference letter or a current account statement from a reputable bank is required.


    4. The account Application Form

    Have questions? Contact us or visit your nearest Republic Bank branch for more information.

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  • Rates and Fees

    Currency: USD

    Monthly Fee $3.00 if balance falls below $500.00
    Monthly Balance Fee Waiver* $500.00
    Number of Free Transactions Included in Monthly Fee

    Unlimited deposits,
    Unlimited self service transfers between your account

    Additional Transaction Fees

    Branch : $2.00

    Statement Frequency Quarterly


    * Balance must not drop below the Fee waiver amount in order for fees the be waived.

    ** Overdraft calculation is based on 365 days for all account types.

    *** Notwithstanding what is indicated on page 3 in the Interest rates and interest calculations section of the PFSA (April 2019) booklet, interest on the Savings accounts and Speciality Accounts is calculated by using the lowest Account balance during the month and is paid to the Account on the last business day of the month. The interest calculation and payment frequency set out in this Rates & Fees Schedule amends and replaces the wording on page 3 of the PFSA (April 2019) booklet.